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BACKGROUND MUSIC: Bruckner: Symphony No.7 in E major (complete) (64:41)

3. What Charming Music of Bruckner's Seventh Symphony

(Bruckner, 1824-1896)
After listening to the music again, it is really a surprise to find that Bruckner's Seventh Symphony in E Major is so charming and beautiful. Anton Bruckner (1824-1896), a nineteenth century Austrian composer writing a total of nine symphonies, may not be known to many people nowadays. His symphonies are lengthy and often quite boring when first heard, occasionally with the same piece of melody repeated and repeated many times. I have been listening to his symphonies several times and been given an impression that they are similar to each other in tunes and structures. No deep emotional impact has ever been produced upon me and I almost forget the music entirely every time after listening. Nevertheless, this time on listening to his Seventh Symphony again, I gained a completely different sensation of the music which is full of charm and beauty. The music is exotic and lyrical, producing a peaceful effect in my mind. It completely changes my critical attitude towards Bruckner's symphonies and I will listen to his nine symphonies all over again.

(Written on November 3, 2008)

MUSIC LISTENING: Bruckner: Symphony No.7 in E major (complete) (64:41): I. Allegro moderato; II. Adagio (sehr feierlich und sehr langsam); III. Scherzo (sehr schnell); IV. Finale (bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell) (all in one file)